Queensland independent schools will welcome more than 123,000 new and returning students when the 2019 school year commences at the end of January.

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2019  is an historic year for education in Queensland with the commencement of the state’s new senior schooling and tertiary entrance systems.

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Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network Executive Officer Sue Kloeden said families had a positive role to play in their child’s educational development, no matter what year level their son or daughter was entering in 2019.

“I encourage parents and carers to talk with their schools about how best to help their children settle in, particularly Prep students and those who are new to a school,” she said.

“Establishing positive routines early is important.”

Ms Kloeden said decades of research had shown that parents have the greatest influence on their child’s learning when they:

  • set high, but realistic, expectations for their child
  • read with them
  • encourage good study habits
  • create a stimulating home environment
  • reinforce and connect learning in the classroom with everyday activities at home.

The majority of Queensland schools will start the new school year from Tuesday, January 29. However, some independent schools may have different start dates. Parents should check commencement dates with individual schools.

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