It’s a concept known as ‘parent engagement’ and policy makers and schools are increasingly recognising the value of effective parent engagement.

At the heart of effective parent engagement is teachers and parents viewing each other as partners in a child’s education – with each party bringing unique and valuable experience and skills to the table.

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Mastering Parent Engagement program

Mastering Parent Engagement, a collaboration between Independent Schools Queensland and Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network, launched in 2024 and is supporting 21 independent schools to implement effective parent engagement practices in their school communities.

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Engaging Parents in Curriculum (EPIC) Research

The ‘how to’ of engaging parents in their child’s learning and wellbeing – a concept known as parent engagement – is a big step closer thanks to our Engaging Parents in Curriculum (EPIC) research project.

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EPIC 2021

Practical, evidence-based strategies that engage parents in their child’s learning should be encouraged as “routine practice” in schools and classrooms, the EPIC 2021 report recommended.

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EPIC 2022

Teachers have always known that parents have a deep well of knowledge – the EPIC 2022 findings illustrate how educators can tap into that knowledge.

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EPIC 2023

EPIC has scaled up to eight schools in 2023, including two distance education providers, a large all-girls boarding school, a small community school in Brisbane south, Steiner schools in north Queensland and Brisbane and co-educational day schools.

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