At the heart of effective parent engagement is teachers and parents viewing each other as partners in a child’s education – with each party bringing unique and valuable experience and skills to the table.

Below is a list of local, national and international research on parent engagement, as well as advice on how to connect the dots between home and school.

Every family is different. Therefore, it’s important that you take away what works for you, your child and your family’s circumstances. Schools seeking to engage parents and carers must also consider strategies that will work in their unique context.

What is Parent Engagement?

Parent engagement is about positively supporting your child’s learning at school. Parents who are interested in what their child is doing in class, who reinforce and connect what they’re learning inside the school gate to their home life, and who value the importance of education, can have a profound influence on their child’s achievements and social and emotional wellbeing | Read More

How You Can Support Your Child’s Learning

  • Parent Toolkits

  • Free downloadable toolkits for Australian parents – filled with lots of practical tips and suggestions for how to support their children as they navigate the school years. The easy-to-read documents are aimed to get parents and educators working together to improve students’ wellbeing and learning. There are four booklets for primary school parents and four for secondary school parents, covering a range of topics including how to develop a positive relationship with teachers.

  • Learning Potential Resources

  • A one-stop shop with a wealth of practical resources and activities, developed by the Australian Government, to help parents of children from kindergarten age to Year 6, connect school learning with life at home.

  • Children starting school in rural and remote Queensland – Parent resource

  • A resource for parents to assist children starting school in rural and remote Queensland. Developed by Queensland Health and the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association Queensland.

  • Engaging With Your Child’s Learning

  • This web page, prepared by the Queensland Department of Education, provides a range of resources to support parents of children in primary and high school.

  • Spark Their Future

  • When children are struggling to engage at school, support and guidance from a parent can make a big difference. This Queensland government website has lots of resources and information to help parents support their children, develop their resilience and discover their interests and passions.

  • We the Differents

  • This is another Queensland Government website designed to empower young people to stay engaged in their education and find the support they need. Topics include ‘Should I stay at school or get a job?’, ‘Boosting resilience’ and how to access financial support.

  • Five from Five

  • An initiative of the Centre for Independent Studies, Five from Five aims to improve literacy levels. It has a range of evidence-based resources, tips on reading and activities for parents to do with their children.

  • ABC Short & Curly

  • A podcast designed to get children and families thinking and brainstorming together.

    According to the ABC, Short & Curly is a “fast-paced fun-filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents, with questions and ideas to really get you thinking. It asks curly questions about animals, technology, school, pop culture and the future”.

    One of the latest episodes proposes the following scenario: “An out-of-control train is heading straight for a group of people who don’t know they are about to be hit. You, as the driver, have some life and death decisions to make. What will you do?”

  • ABC Education

  • An extensive range of free educational resources for primary and secondary students, including videos, games, apps and articles.

  • Curious Kids

  • A series for children by The Conversation, an independent source of news and views from Australia’s academic and research community. Children can send in any question they’d like an expert to answer. Questions experts have answered for children have included: ‘where do flies sleep?’ and ‘is x-ray vision possible?’.

  • Nature Play

  • Dedicated to getting children outdoors, Nature Play provides parents with current events, activities and ideas on how to engage their children in fun, inspiring and engaging outdoor play.

  • Kids News

  • A news service, by News Corp, that publishes news stories of interest to Australian children at a level they can understand and relate to. At the end of each story is a range of learning activities parents can do with their children.

  • Reading Rockets

  • A US-based website, but it has a comprehensive range of resources, ideas and support to help parents “grow readers”.