Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network Executive Director Amanda Watt has thanked the Queensland Government for its significant funding injection which will boost the organisation’s advocacy efforts and the support it provides to independent schools in the crucial area of parent engagement.

Queensland Education Minister Di Farmer announced on Sunday 12 May 2024 that Queensland’s four peak parenting bodies would receive $100,000 each as a one-off donation, in addition to any existing funding.

Ms Watt said the funding boost would enhance the support QIS Parents Network is providing to schools and families in the independent sector in Queensland.

“We know from more than sixty years of research that when parents are engaged – effectively and sustainably – in their child’s education and able to value-add to that learning, it can not only enhance students’ achievement and wellbeing, but it is also a vital ingredient in high performing schools,’’ Ms Watt said.

“We are doing some incredibly exciting work with a broad range of independent schools this year, helping them to analyse and improve the way they engage parents in their child’s education.

“These funds will enhance that work, as well as our broader advocacy for parents.’’

Acknowledgement of partnership between schools and families

Independent Schools Queensland Chief Executive Officer Chris Mountford said the funding boost was a welcome acknowledgement of the important partnership between schools and families and the united advocacy of Queensland’s four peak parenting groups.

“Parents are indispensable partners in their child’s educational journey,’’ Mr Mountford said.

“In Queensland’s independent schools, parent engagement has emerged as a strategic imperative, recognising the pivotal role parents play in shaping the holistic development of our students.”

Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network is proud to work collaboratively with Queensland’s other peak parenting groups: Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association Queensland (ICPA Qld), Catholic School Parents Queensland, and P&Cs Qld.