Amanda was appointed Executive Officer of the QIS Parents Network in 2022 and represents the needs and interests of the more than 141,000 Queensland parents who have chosen an independent education for their child. Amanda is supported by a Consultative Committee, comprised of parents from small and large independent schools across the state.

A parent of two young children and a Queensland independent school graduate, Amanda enjoys working productively with all stakeholders in the education space.

“We are lucky in Queensland to have strong partnerships across all schooling sectors, united in a joint mission to ensure all children have access to a quality education,” she says.

Amanda joined the QIS Parents Network initially as the Communications Officer before taking an expanded role in 2021, project managing the ground-breaking Engaging Parents In Curriculum (EPIC) research project. This valuable research project is a collaboration between QIS Parents Network, Griffith University and Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) and investigates evidence-based parent engagement practices. Read more about EPIC.

EPIC works directly with independent schools, helping them to power up their parent engagement. EPIC is filing a gap in the literature about what parent engagement looks like and how it may be achieved in practice.

Our Board of Directors

The QIS Parents Network is governed by a Board of Directors, who bring a wealth of experience in the education sector to their governance role.

Dr Lynne Doneley

Board Chair (Acting)
Executive Director, Associated Christian Schools

Chris Mountford

CEO, Independent Schools Queensland

Mark Newham

Director (School Improvement & Performance), Independent Schools Queensland

Tammie Irons

Independent School teacher and parent

Deni Fowler

Independent School parent and school council member

Glenn Denniston

Former independent school parent, Business advisor

Our latest Annual Report

Catch up on our achievements, advocacy efforts and leadership in parent engagement research in our latest annual report.

Acknowledgement of Traditional Owners

QIS Parents Network acknowledges past and present traditional owners and custodians of the lands from which its staff, supporters and stakeholders reside. QIS Parents Network also acknowledges the contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and non-Indigenous Australians to the education of all children and people in this country that we all live in and share together. QIS Parents Network also commits to supporting the ongoing journey of Reconciliation through education.