Teachers across the state were acknowledged today (28 October 2022) as part of World Teachers’ Day celebrations.

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) Chief Executive Officer Chris Mountford said the 2022 theme for World Teachers’ Day, teaching through every moment spoke of the strong commitment Queensland teachers had towards their students.

“Teachers rarely receive accolades for the tremendous work they do every day in our schools,” Mr Mountford said.

“ISQ is proud to be a partner in the cross-sector World Teachers’ Day initiative to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of Queensland teachers.

“More than 10,300 teachers across 232 Queensland independent schools showed immense commitment to their profession and, more importantly to their students, during the pandemic – one of the most significant disruptions to the education sector in memory.

“This commitment epitomises the notion of teaching through every moment, and every teacher should be incredibly proud.”

Parents celebrating teachers

Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network Executive Officer Amanda Watt encouraged families to celebrate their children’s teachers on October 28.

“Teachers are very special people who go above and beyond every day to not only educate our children but also nurture them emotionally and socially,’’ Ms Watt said.

“Decades of research tells us unequivocally that when teachers and parents respect each others’ unique roles and work together as a team, children flourish. Showing our appreciation to teachers – genuinely and often – is a wonderful way of cementing that important relationship.

“We also know that teachers, being the special people they are, don’t necessarily need grand gestures from students and parents.

“A handwritten card of thanks, some hand-picked flowers, or some home cooking will mean so much.”

Queensland education sectors unite to celebrate

ISQ is part of a cross-sector World Teachers’ Day initiative led by the Queensland Government to acknowledge and promote the contribution of teachers. Other partners include the Queensland College of Teachers, Queensland Catholic Education Commission, the Independent Education Union and the Queensland Teachers’ Union.

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This story was originally published on the ISQ website as Celebrating Queensland teachers who have taught through every moment.