The start of any new school year brings with it a mixture of nerves and excitement for most children.

This year, Queensland families are also dealing with an added layer of disruption, thanks to the surge of COVID-19 cases and the delayed Term 1 start date for most schools.

The good news is there is an abundance of high quality resources available to help you support your child through the ups and downs of a new school year.

We’ve compiled links to some of the best online resources below:

Starting Prep

If you have a little one about to start Prep, these articles are full of practical, measured advice:

Beginning High School

“Let’s acknowledge that it [starting high school] is a big transition, and that some kids will find it easier than others,” writes tween/teen well-being educator Michelle Mitchell in her most recent blog post.

“Leaving primary school means letting go of the familiar without fully knowing what will replace it. Unlike the transition into primary school, they are well aware of the potential losses than can come with change.”

There’s some great advice and guidance for parents of soon-to-be high schoolers in these articles:

COVID-19 anxiety: articles to support children and teens

“Everybody has different feelings about going back to normal,” says Kids Helpline in their article Returning to Normal after COVID-19.

“It’s very normal for children and young people to experience re-entry anxiety following a pandemic.

“It’s ok to not have all the answers. If your child asks a question you can’t answer, or needs help with something you don’t know how to solve, be honest. It’s a great opportunity to do some research and learn something new together.”

There’s other great advice in these articles:

Moving Schools

Advice for parents of children changing schools can be found in these resources:

Life After School

Leaving high school and joining the school of life: Words of caution and hope – Maggie Dent

Supporting students leaving school – Kids Helpline

How to make and keep friends after leaving high school – ABC Life