Many independent schools use the results from the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Cooperative Scholarship Test Program to award scholarships.

About the ACER Scholarship Tests

The ACER Scholarship Tests are used across Australia to identify academically able students for the award of a scholarship. Applicants are required to demonstrate a range of skills, such as the ability to interpret, infer, deduce and think critically. The tests are not curriculum-based.

Please contact each school for its scholarship application process, associated costs and specific requirements, including sitting the scholarship test.

Critical dates for 2021

Parents will need to register with ACER before 8 February 2021. The ACER Cooperative Test for Queensland will be sat on 27 February 2021

Participating schools

The full list of schools participating in the ACER Scholarship Test can be found here.

A list of Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) member schools offering scholarships for entry in 2022 can be found on this page of the ISQ website.

ACER also has a dedicated information page for parents with FAQs and further information about testing.

*This story was originally published by ISQ as ACER scholarship.