The Queensland Department of Education has released a suite of online learning materials to support parents and children who are experiencing interruption to normal school attendance.

The learning@home website is free and available to all families, regardless of what school they attend.

It contains downloadable two week units of learning in the areas of English,  Maths for Prep to Year 10. Science units for Prep to Year 6 are also available.

The units are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and based on the typical work students would be learning at school.

(**Please note that you need to “unzip” the units during the downloading process.  The following instructions for how to unzip (PDF, 598KB) the two-week units of work are provided for Windows PC. Note: Mac OS automatically unzips the package upon download.**)

Years 11 and 12

The site advises parents that students in Years 11 and 12 should follow the advice and instructions provided by their school about continuing in their subject studies.

“Students may also choose to undertake extra learning to enhance their class work. It is not a compulsory for students to do this.” Read their full advice about Years 11 and 12 here.

Take advice from your school first, where possible

The site advises parents that before using the two-week units of learning, they should “review any communications from your child’s school and teachers”.

“The two-week units of learning available below may be part of the work set by your child’s school to complete at home. If the two-week units of learning are not part of the work from your child’s school, they need only be used as additional or extension learning.”

And if you have questions or concerns about the material, “remember to check-in with your school and/or your teacher/s if you need support”, it says.

Other useful sections on the site

The learning@home site also contains a comprehensive list of other educational websites and online learning resources. The department advises that when deciding what activities to select from these websites, it’s a good idea to look at the Prep to Year 10 Australian Curriculum Parent information   webpage to see what your children will be learning in each learning area at each stage of schooling.

Establishing healthy routines at home

There is also a section on how parents can monitor and care for their children’s well-being while learning at home and how to establish good routines.

It advises parents to ensure their children get plenty of sleep, water, exercise and regular meals – as well as relaxation and fun.

“Provide reassurance (and) focus on the good,” it says.

“When times are difficult, it can help to take notice of the good things still in life. Encourage your children to take some time tot think about the positives – kind people, good friends, beautiful moments – however small. Point out the people working to fix the situation.”