If you have a road trip planned these school holidays, or simply want to give your kids a break from their screens, podcasts offer great (educational!) entertainment for young listeners.

But with so many podcasts to choose from, how do you sort from the good from the bad?

Don’t worry – we’ve done some sifting for you! Below is a list of kid-friendly podcasts to get you started…

But Why

Curious kids ask the questions and adults find the answers for them in this monthly podcast series which covers earthquakes, electricity, animals, and laws, to name just a few topics. The latest episode answers a question from a four-year-old who wants to know ‘how are noodles made?’ The producers visit a restaurant to find the answers.

Ask Me Anything

Pitched for teenage girls and their parents to listen to together, Rebecca Sparrow’s Ask Me Anything podcast series answers real-life anonymous questions from teens. From ‘How to avoid drama cyclones at school’ to ‘How not to hate your body’, the podcasts are quick, easy listening at around 15 minutes per episode and are designed to get conversation flowing between you and your teen after the episode wraps up.

Pants on Fire

This podcast has a gameshow format featuring a child and two grown-ups: one adult is an expert in the topic being discussed, the other is not and it’s up to the child to decide who is telling the truth. The makers of this series say they teach kids to “ask insightful questions, weight the evidence in front of them and trust their gut”. Topics include chocolate, bees, the heart, cats and magic.

Short and Curly

This ABC podcast is described as a “fast-paced fun-filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents with questions and ideas to really get you thinking”. It answers all sorts of questions about animals, technology, school, pop culture and the future.

Brains On!

How do elevators work? Why do we smell? How do ants and spiders walk on walls? If you’re struggling to answer some of your kids’ how-does-the-world-work questions, this podcast is good listening for both of you. There is also a series on the science behind feelings.

ABC Kids Listen

The perfect entertainment for pre-school aged kids, with it’s mix of sing-a-long tunes, story-telling and wind-down music. Either listen to it live in the car or at home or select from pre-recorded genres.

Fierce Girls

Another ABC production, which won the award for best podcast in the Family and Kids category at the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards. It tells the stories of Australian’s female adventurers and achievers. Great inspirational listening.

Peace Out

Mindfulness and breathing techniques are demonstrated in this easy-listening series. Designed to help children calm down and relax.