Free downloadable toolkits for parents – filled with lots of practical tips and suggestions for how to support their children as they navigate the school years – have been released this week.

The easy-to-read documents – available online or downloadable as PDFs – are aimed to get parents and educators working together to improve students’ wellbeing and learning.

This concept – known in schools as ‘parent engagement’ – involves educators and parents seeing each other as partners in the education of children and respecting one another’s unique knowledges and roles.

Decades of international and national research has shown when parents and schools work together in this way, the effect on a child’s academic outcomes and wellbeing is profound.

The new toolkits are titled Gearing Up for Parent Engagement in Student Learning and were based on a nationwide research project conducted with government, Catholic and Independent school principals and parents.

Toolkits contain great, practical advice

There are four booklets for parents of primary school students, covering a range of topics including how to nurture your child through the transition to school, how to develop a positive relationship with teachers and when to seek help for your child.

Another four booklets have been written for parents of secondary school students.

Federal Minister for Education Dan Tehan, who launched the toolkits in September 2019, said they were a valuable resource.

“Parents should be encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education,” Mr Tehan said.

“These toolkits help parents navigate some of the tricky junctures in a child’s journey through the school years.

Students win when teachers and parents work together

Mr Tehan said engagement assisted students.

“When parents and teachers have a healthy, engaged relationship, our students benefit.

“Teachers will benefit from advice on how to effectively communicate with parents, and work with them to provide a strong support network for students.”

The Morrison Government provided funding to Catholic School Parents Australia to develop the free toolkits, which are available to parents and educators in all school systems.

All of the toolkits are available at:

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