The curtain is yet to fall on 2018, but planning for 2019 can never start to early, particularly when it comes to schooling.

If you’ve already resolved to be better prepared for the start of the new school year, the QIS Parents Network has put together a check-list of “to dos” to help you kick off 2019 on a positive note.

Grab your smart phone, tablet or diary and 30 minutes of clear brain time to secure these six quick organisational wins ahead of the 2019 school year commencing:

  • Book lists – many schools will have already sent these out with deadlines to order. Check your school newsletter, online portal or website for ordering timelines and delivery.
  • Uniforms – whether you’re changing schools and need a completely new set of school uniforms or you just need to pick up a few things, act early: check in with the parents you know to see if there’s anything you can trade; check out your school’s second-hand uniform outlet and of course the school’s official uniform shop.
  • Confirm your 2019 enrolment – whether your child is continuing at an existing school or has enrolled at a new school, remember to confirm your enrolment for 2019.
  • Vacation Care/Outside School Hours Care – if you need to book vacation care for the 2018 holidays, ensure you book early to avoid missing a place. Review your family schedule for 2019 and lock in your outside school hours care needs as soon as registrations open.
  • Holiday Sporting Trials/Auditions/Camps – some schools hold a range of sporting trials/camps and or auditions ahead of the new school year. Ensure you check the dates these are scheduled before school finishes and mark them in your diary to avoid tears or an 11th hour dash to the event.
  • Confirm 2018 term finish and 2019 term start dates – confirm the final day of school for 2018 as some schools finish on a half day or on a Thursday. Also mark in your diary when school returns for 2019 so that you’re not caught out.