Schools and early childhood centres across Queensland are signing up to turn their playgrounds into classrooms on 1 November to mark Outdoor Classroom Day.

Outdoor Classroom Day is an international campaign that celebrates the power of outdoor learning and play for young minds. Nature Play QLD is spearheading the campaign in Queensland.

In 2017, 788 Queensland education institutions took more than 70,000 children outdoors to learn and play on the inaugural Outdoor Classroom Day.

This year Nature Play QLD is hoping more than 1,100 schools, kindergartens, play groups, parent’s groups, community groups, family day care and outside school hours care services will take children outdoors to play and learn.

The goal is for all Queensland children to benefit from learning experiences in their local outdoor environments, such as the school yard, play area, local parks, green spaces, local creeks, lakes or waterways.

According to Nature Play QLD, “outdoor learning has a positive impact for teachers and educators on their practice, health and wellbeing, professional development, job satisfaction and more”.

Nature Play QLD says students reap untold benefits from outdoor learning. Positive impacts include fostering a child’s intrinsic motivation for learning and enjoyment of lessons as well as increasing creativity and activating thinking outside the box.  It also improves children’s health and wellbeing, social skills and behaviour, encourages better attendance, teamwork and reduces bullying.

Schools can pledge to take their students outdoors to learn, for at least one class during Spring or on 1 November | TAKE THE PLEDGE

Free lesson plans and outdoor classroom day resources are available for teachers to create a fun-filled learning experience | LEARN MORE

Be sure to promote and share your school or group’s plans for Outdoor Classroom Day through social media using #OutdoorClassroomDay