Was choosing a school for your child a difficult decision? Or was it simply a case of following family tradition?

Did one factor, such as meeting the principal or visiting the school, cement your final decision? Or was it a combination of things?

Understanding the factors that influence why parents choose Queensland independent schools is the purpose of a new parent survey by Independent Schools Queensland – the state’s peak body representing independent schools.

Parents of Prep, Year 7 and new students at Queensland independent schools are being urged to share their views in the What Parents Want Survey which runs from now until 8 June.

This important longitudinal survey, which started in 2006, examines the decision-making process parents undertake when choosing an independent school, including:

  • cultural influences,
  • information sources and;
  • when school selection became top of mind.

Recent research found students are having an increasing influence on their parent’s decision about what school they will attend. Was this the case for your family?

According to Independent Schools Queensland Executive Director David Robertson:

“Queensland independent schools value the partnership they have with their parent communities and rely on the outcomes of surveys like this to inform and improve how they connect and communicate with prospective parents.”

“A key feature of Queensland’s independent schooling sector is its diversity – there’s a school for every child to thrive and it’s important that education leaders understand the driving factors behind parent decisions.”

Queensland has a diverse independent schooling sector comprised of more than 200 schools offering a wide range of education options for families.

There are schools that embrace different learning philosophies or faiths, boarding schools, co-ed and single-sex schools, as well as specialist schools for children with disability, Indigenous students or disengaged students.

Confidence in Queensland’s independent schooling sector remains strong with enrolments continuing to grow. In 2018, the families of 120,000 Queensland school-age children chose independent schools.

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